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3D Printed SlothBot

News from 3D PRINT.COM The development of 3D-printed robots is no longer a novelty. Recently, students from Georgia Tech (School for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) have developed an extraordinary robot. The robot being referred to is SlothBot, which is partly additively manufactured. This adorable robot is meant to be a long-term environmental observer. SlothBot […]

Advanced Medical Manufacturing by Using 3D Printing

News from SME AM sparkles for making one-of-a-kind parts and products with complex, organic shapes. This imitates nature’s method of making every human body part unique.    Medical device producers found this years prior, applying the technology to the production of in-the-ear hearing aids, most of which are customized. Today, the shells for these hearing […]

3D Printing for Serial Production

News from tct Magazine Online 3D printed parts for serial production   “2020 marks a new decade in which manufacturing will become more localised, on-demand and freed of design constraints. 3D printing is a key driver of this change.”   3D printing now is adopted by the early majority for serial production. With ubiquitous applications […]

AM is Driving Industry Change – 3D Printed Tools, Jigs and Fixtures

News from Institution of Mechanical Engineers The advantages of utilizing additive manufacturing either as an independent innovation or joining into existing procedures are wide-extending, however the comprehension by organisations of how to use to best impact may not be as clear.   Incorporating 3D printing into the organization’s daily activities, was found to essentially decrease […]

3D Printing Is Changing Robotics

News from 3Dnatives Additive manufacturing is broadly utilized in the field of robotics. 3D printing offers designers the opportunity to add new functionalities to their manifestations. This time, the huge news originating from UC San Diego where investigates have planned and effectively tried 3D printed insect-like delicate robots. Soft robotics is a subfield of mechanical […]

3D Print the ESD Safe Materials

News from 3DPrinting.com The mechanical properties of 3D printed thermoplastic materials have been genuinely all around investigated now. Sure there is consistently opportunity to get better, progressively, after some time, specialists will make new polymer mixes or new filled plastics, and there will be steady gains in quality.   In the long run, the engineering […]

French Army 3D Print Spare Parts at Remote Bases

Use case from 3D PRINTING.COM The French military have been utilizing 3D printing to create spare parts for remote bases in areas, for example, Mali. Since obtaining supplies and gear on the field can be unwieldy, the military contracted Desert Tactical Group – Logistics “Charentes” in testing 3D printed substitutes for broken parts. With the […]

AM for Replacement Parts in Marine Industry

Use case from 3D PRINTING.COM The marine gear and extra parts acquisition site ShipParts.com as of late reported that they’ll be embracing 3D printing to gracefully parts to clients all the more rapidly. Diminishing personal time in the marine business where boats end up abandoned several miles from shore is truly an immeasurably significant issue. […]

AM Usage For Spare Parts On-Demand

Use case from 3D PRINTING.COM 3D printing production is significantly devoted to providing replacement parts, or spare parts. This application has made tremendous difference because usually the storage accounts for too much room and expense across all supply chains for parts’ replacement. Yet the reduction in physical inventory is not the only reason why businesses […]