French Army 3D Print Spare Parts at Remote Bases

Use case from 3D PRINTING.COM

The French military have been utilizing 3D printing to create spare parts for remote bases in areas, for example, Mali. Since obtaining supplies and gear on the field can be unwieldy, the military contracted Desert Tactical Group – Logistics “Charentes” in testing 3D printed substitutes for broken parts. With the guide of Formlabs and Ultimaker 3D printers, they have figured out how to seriously accelerate the flexibly chain and cut part transportation costs.

Advancements like AM and 3D scanning can be incredible methods for streamlining activities for bases in forlorn territories. The French Army have been 3D printing numerous parts including defensive shells, seals, and parts for optics, which would be in any case unattainable for places like Mali or Niger. In addition, the French military are keeping up a base that houses 4,500 work forces. These variables make gear flexibly and upkeep significantly trickier, so 3D printing is a genuine resolution.

The French military are likewise utilizing the innovation to deliver parts and improve them over progressive iterations. Officers partake in pretty much every progression of the printing procedure, from 3D modeling to the selection of materials. The future item would thus be able to be a perfect fit for its capacity!